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California Biohazard Cleanup Information



Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup

California Biohazard Cleanup Narrative



California Biohazard Cleanup Information

California biohazard cleanup focuses exclusively on human blood removal following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and traumatic blood loss events. If you plan to do your biohazard cleanup in your own home, you are welcome to call me for information. Here are some questions to ask before beginning biohazard cleanup for your own family.

How much do you charge?

You will find that my fees for homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup cost much less than my competitors. Time and distance to the cleaning site have a big influence over my fees. Locally, I sometimes charge as little as $450 for some types of blood cleanup. For distance driving, I sometimes charge as much as $2000; my highest fee, ever, came to $6,500 for a mass murder scene. My lowest fee ever for a loca blood cleanup came to $450.

It's always best to call so that I can ask a series of questions to determine what service you need and how I can best serve your cleaning needs and payment needs.

For example,

  • Do you intend to use homeowners' insurance to pay for this service? If so, at times, you will have no out-of-pocket expenses. In such cases, I will need an insurance claim number and an adjuster's telephone number and name. You will also need to sign an agreement so that your homeowner's insurance company sends payment directly to me. Your insurance agent will answer related questions.
  • Do you intend to pay by check? If so, then I will need to ask for the responsible parties' driver's license so that I can verify their name and address against that on the payment check. I dislike this part of my job that I must see it through because of past experiences.
  • Do you intend to pay by cash? If so, I will expect payment before removing materials from the cleaning site. Payment by cash saves you money. Ask about this when you call. Sometimes we can discuss your situation and what needs cleaning first, if at all. I am flexible.

Must I use a biohazard cleanup company?

No, unless specially ordered to do so by a judge or health department official. Beware, sometimes a police officer or sheriff's deputy will comment on something like the following: you need a biohazard cleanup company to handle this.

In most cases, when law enforcement makes a statement like this, it's for your good. Law enforcement understands that this type of work needs to get done quickly and efficiently. They also know that if you try it yourself, it will be at least daunting and, at worst traumatic. So some police officers will make comments indicating that you need a biohazard cleanup company, and they do this in good faith. They have no intention of entangling you in a contract or otherwise nefarious business dealing.

Caution: California County Coroner's employees may have a relationship with the biohazard clean up company. It happens when a corner employee, usually an investigator, and a family member or business owner, the name and telephone number of a select biohazard cleanup company. Usually, this employee will say something like the following: I'm not supposed to do this, but here's the name of the best biohazard cleanup company in the area, and they'll do well by you. In such cases, the employee either expects to receive a kickback, referral fee, for sending you to the select company, or an own the company. It takes place every day across the United States and, most probably, most counties. Why? Because it pays very good money, and there's little risk for the offending employee.


What Do I Need to Cleanup Biohazards?

"What if I need to do a biohazard cleanup task in my own home?" You ask a complex question that, in the case of a homicide, suicide, or unattended death, you will need a willingness to confront a horrific scene for which you have an emotional connection. Many people can clean as needed and not in the least suffer from the ordeal. There are those. However, that experience at least dreads and at most recurring images of the experience for some time.

It's always best to have somebody talk with and use as a sounding board to gather information into check your logic. Such a person can even step in and help.

Here's what I recommend in the short term.

Bloodborne pathogen training available on the Internet for $20, approximately, will help increase your self-confidence and even provide a few tips in some cases.

Even if you feel overwhelmed about biohazard cleanup I yourself or with friends and family, keep in mind that you are not overwhelmed by this task. You're overwhelmed in a sense because you are thinking of the entire task at hand. Just keep in mind, professional biohazard cleanup practitioners know full well that there's only one way to do a biohazard cleanup, and that's piece by piece, part pipe part,

With or without bloodborne pathogen training, which is not necessary for you to clean up your home unless you're cleaning for pay, I recommend that you plan your work before you begin.

Ask yourself questions like these for doing a biohazard cleanup: do I concern myself with tracking floor debris on my shoes first or with removing and cleaning up after soiled materials? Do I bag soiled materials as I gather them, or do I set soiled materials aside for bagging later? Do I have Windows open or close? Do I leave a fan on or off? Should I close the entrance door to the room or leave it open? Do I use a lot of cleaning solution or a little cleaning solution? To these questions, add your own and think about them before you begin work.

Take a break in about 20 minutes after starting to clean; you need to rest, consider what you have cleaned, and think what remains. How will you remove blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). In this way you may avoid duplicate handling of blood soiled materials. You will conserve some of your strength, too.

 Keep in mind, it is normal for the first time cleaner to feel hesitant, nervous, and definitely overwhelmed.

Protective equipment and supplies: at a minimum, you need good rubber gloves, and if a local harbor freight company is available, you may find rubber gloves that almost reach the elbows. In any case, a California County Lowes or Home Depot hardware store will provide most of the cleaning chemicals needed as well as protective equipment. As indicated, protective equipment will include good thick gloves made of rubber, eye protection, nose and mouth protection, and a host of chemicals.

I recommend the following chemicals and equipment for biohazard cleanup work, but your supplies for chemicals and equipment may do.


Minimum Protective Equipment

  • eye protection
  • face protection (if desired)
  • hand protection (rubber gloves)
  • mouth protection (splash protection and inhalation protection required - - hardware stores will help)


  • Bleach, 3 ($4.00 each)
  • Clorox scouring powder, 2 ($1.00 each)
  • Rubbing Alcohol, 3 ($3.00 each)
  • Simple Green ($9.00)
  • Zep Citrus Cleaner ($9.00


  • Bags
  • Carpet Cutting Tool (Home Depot sells a red, carpet cutting tool that is quite lethal, but very effective for cutting carpet and tough fibers. It cost about $7. Use of this tool requires great attention to detail and exaggerated caution.)
  • flat, steel shovel
  • hand-held scrub brush
  • paper towels (buy a dozen just in case)
  • push broom, nylon used for debris removal and scrubbing (straw brooms work, but create cleaning issues, but may come in handy for reaching ceilings.
  • scrub pads
  • wet-dry vacuum
  • Top
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What does your biohazard cleanup service include?

My California County biohazard cleanup service includes the removal of all Biohazards from the scene or death scene.

A death scene defined includes the following: human blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM) that soil materials found within the death scene itself. The definition of a death scene does not necessarily include an entire room or an entire dwelling or business space. It depends on the area contaminated by human blood or OPIM. In the case of an unattended death, for example, located upon a bed in a bedroom, most often it will include mattress, mattress box, bedding, and perhaps clothing. It may also include and often does include carpet below the death scene bed and carpet padding. It may also include soiled areas on the floor below the carpet padding.

In the case of a homicide or suicide cleanup, a death scene may involve what I call a "360 top to bottom." Now we know the traumatic event soiled the rooms' walls, ceiling, floor, and much of its contents. This sort of cleanup cost a great deal more than simple trauma cleanup and unattended death cleanup. It always depends on the entire scene and what is needed.

Caution: not be confused by the phrase "death scene cleanup," for which some people believe includes an entire dwelling if not an entire room. In my case, in the case of most biohazard cleanup companies, the death scene is the area contaminated by human blood and OPIM. Cleaning includes those materials contaminated blood spray, and those blood soiled materials requiring destruction. 

When can you clean?

I prefer to clean on the day following a request for biohazard cleanup services. It's best that I received these calls earlier in the day so that cleaning and payment issues can be ir`oned out. I also recommend that callers search out other biohazard cleanup companies to compare prices and services.

Do you guarantee your biohazard cleanup work? -

Yes, I guarantee my work, and I guarantee my price. I guarantee my work in writing by email. I aspect call or send me an email with their name, telephone number, the biohazard cleanup address, and the time for which the desire the biohazard cleanup service. I replied to these emails, and when I do, they are timestamp by America Online. The AOL timestamp serves as a signature for purposes contracted biohazard cleanup services, all California Small Claims Courts honor it. Because my prices are fair and reasonable, my entire fees are most often below that required to max out a Small Claims Court process. In any case, I prefer to guarantee my work so that I never sued.


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